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Should you want or need an original drawing that is historically accurate, can be greatly enlarged or reduced, a drawing with detail like the two below ... if you have always seen pen and ink drawings that are simple sketches and know there has to be something more: Your quest ends here.
The GEORGIA STATE CAPITOL. In 1868, the center of government was moved from Milledgeville to Atlanta. In 1880, the legislature appropriated one million dollars to build a capitol out of Georgia marble and granite on five acres where the old Atlanta city hall had been located. Indiana limestone was used instead, and the building was completed a few hundred dollars under budget in 1889. In 1958 the dome was leafed using 40 ounces of Georgia gold that had been brought from Dahlonega to Atlanta by wagon train. Drawing: 2002. 16 in. x 54 in.
WLK: Ink Art
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